May 28th, 2017

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Servo and Proportional Valve Repair

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Repair, calibration and sales of servo and proportional valves, servo-actuators and electronic controllers.

We service recognized brands such as Moog, Atchley, TSS, Pegasus, Rexroth, Vickers, Bosch, Parker, Dowty, Ultra, Dynamic and much more.

Servo systems are serviced on our computer controlled test center, which assures precise and consistent quality test reports from our 5000 psi servo grade stainless steel test stand with oil filtration to 3.8 microns absolute.

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We also service cards for most name brand valves as stated above.

Over 30 valve adapters to accommodate the most common valve mounting patterns and we can design and manufacture adapters for any special valve on a rush basis if required.

Features and Benefits
  • Over 15 years experience.
  • One week standard turn around time (Same day delivery if required).
  • All repairs are thorough from run-in to run-out.
  • Use extensive database and computerized test stand.
  • No charge on inspection.
  • One year warranty on all repairs.

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Servovalves and Servo-Proportional Valves are electrohydraulic, continuously acting valves that transform a changing analog or digital input signal into a stepless hydraulic output (flow or pressure). Moog's products are often the valve of choice for systems requiring a high degree of accuracy or precision. Moog has over 40 years of product design and manufacturing experience with servo and proportional valves for the industrial market.

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