May 28th, 2017

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Inductive, Photoelectric & Magnetic

Inductive Sensors

Depending on the type, Lynch inductive devices work according to one of three different technologies. All have in common the generation of an alternating magnetic field, which emanates from the sensing face. When a conductive, generally metallic, object enters into this field, the latter is influenced in a way that can be detected and evaluated by the built-in electronics.

Photoelectric Sensors

The devices are built into stainless-steel housings, and fully potted under vacuum. The optical part works with parabolic mirrors (no lenses), which allows for full potting without degradation of the optical characteristics, thus providing the best long-term reliability in difficult environ ments. The electronic module uses chip-on-board technology on a ceramic-free substrate, and is therefore in sensitive to shock and deformation.

Magnetic Sensors

As the term magnetic switches suggests, these are operated by magnetic fields; another description widely used is magnetic "SENSOR". As our eyes sense change of light, our ears sense the change of sound, magnetic switches/sensors sense the change of magnetic flux in Pneumatic and Hydraulic cylinders. When magnetic switches sense a magnetic field it will give a switching signal, through a control circuit, allowing sensing or control operation to be achieved.

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