May 28th, 2017

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Selector Valves

The Soluton for High Flow & High Pressure Requirements


Features and Benefits

Flows up to 240 gpm 


    Additional Information 

  • All ports can be pressurized up to 3000psi for aluminum and 5000psi for ductile iron.
  • Maximum leakage is 5 drops per minute
  • Shifting of valve is not affected by pressure differential in working lines.
  • A separate connection to tank for the drain is recommended.
  • 300psi minimum hydraulic pressure differential between the piolt & drain must be maintained for proper use.
  • Back pressure in the tank line is additive to the relief valves by up to 5.5 times the valve setting.
  • Turn screw clockwis to reduce setting.
  • Working Lines = SAE 16
  • Drain, Pilot & TP= SAE 6

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