May 28th, 2017

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Lynch Monitored Valve Packs               


Lynch Monitored Valve Packs are pre-engineered hydraulic packages incorporating monitored valves to provide dual redundancy for control reliable industrial systems and other safety related functions & applications.

When properly applied, these packages provide the building blocks to facilitate the implementation for control reliable circuitry so that a single failure or fault will not prevent the normal stopping action or create an unintended movement of any function.


  • Cost Effective

These packages are engineered to provide the best, most cost effective implementation of dual redundancy as required for any given application or safety standard.

  • Application Proven

These packages are application proven in the field, on real life applications.


  • Ideal for new designs as well as field retrofits & upgrades.

Lynch Monitored Valve Packs are highly versatile and are suitable for both new installations as well and dual redundant control reliable upgrades to existing equipment to conform with current safety codes and certifications.


  • Single or Dual Redundant Options

Lynch Monitored Valve Packs are available as single or dual redundant control reliable packages with various piloting/actuation options such as; solenoid(s), pneumatic pilot(s), hydraulic pilot(s) of mechanical actuation(s).


Dual redundant control reliable packages contain duplicated monitored elements which work in parallel to provide one form of redundancy duplication for critical components of any system with the intention of increasing reliability.


  • Independent Monitoring & Reliable Self Checking features

When properly applied, Lynch Monitored Valve Packs can detect faults and inhibits successive movement by normal means until the failure is corrected.

All of the incorporated valves feature independent monitoring through mechanical micro switches or inductive proximity sensors on each body to provide a reliable self check and detect a potential failure or fault that may affect the performance of the system.


  • Customizable

Lynch Monitored Valve Packs can be further tailored upon request to meet your control reliable application needs.


  • Available in a variety of forms.

Lynch Monitored Valve Packs are available in the following forms:

- Press Control Modules (Sandwich) Valve Packs
- Single or Dual Redundant Control Reliable Valve Packs 

- Cylinder Restraint Valve Packs

- Combination Cylinder Restrain/Venting Valve Packs

- Complete Main Control Valve Packs

- More to come...


  • Available in a wide range of valving options.

- SUN Hydraulics Direct Acting and Pilot operated thread-in solutions

- ATOS thread-in solutions

- ATOS Standard DIN slip in solutions

- ATOS Active DIN slip in solutions

- ATOS Surface mount solutions
   - D02, D03, D05, D07, D08, D10   
   - NG4, NG6, NG10, NG16, NG25, NG32

  • Ideal Applications for the Monitored Valve Pack family:

- Power press (punch press) used for
   - Cutting
   - Punching
   - Forming
- Assembling of any material including metals by the means of any type of tooling attached to or operated by slides.
- Break Press
- Steel Mill Applications
- Dual Redundant Control Reliable Axis lockouts
- Mobile Safety interlocks
   - Brakes
   - Accumulator bleed downs
   - Function lockouts

Machine safety standards include:

  • Canadian CSA Z142 
  • CSA Z434
  • European Machinery Directive 2006/42/ECANSI B11
  • ANSI B183
  • ANSI B11 
  • ANSI/RIA 15.06
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.212 
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.217

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