May 24th, 2016

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Lockout Valve
Provide Reliable Circuitry to Prevent Unintended Movement.

Lynch Lockout Valve Packs are pre-engineered ISO modular hydraulic packages that are typically installed in industrial systems.

When properly applied, these packages provide reliable circuitry that will prevent any unintended movement of an actuator or motor.

This valve will automatically stop motion of the actuator when there is a loss of either electrical or hydraulic power.
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  • Servo/Proportional Directional Valves
  • Presses (not requiring CSA Z142)
  • Cutting
  • Punching
  • Forming Steel Mill Applications
Without Lockout Valve
With Lockout Valve
Features & Benefits

  • Applications Proven
  • Ideal for New Designs
  • A Cost Effective Solution for Field Retrofits and Upgrades
  • All Models Available in Imperial and Metric
ISO Interface Nominal Flow (GPM/LPM) Download .STP File Download .PDF File
D03 15 / 60 VPLMABA_03GT21UAX.stp VPLMABA_03GT21UAX.pdf
D05 30 / 120 VPLMABA_05TT22UAX.stp VPLMABA_05TT22UAX.pdf
D05H 30 / 120 VPLMABA_05HT22UAX.stp VPLMABA_05HT22UAX.pdf
D05HE 30 / 120 VPLMABA_05ET22UAX.stp VPLMABA_05ET22UAX.pdf
D07 60 / 230 VPLMABA_07GT23UAX.stp VPLMABA_07GT23UAX.pdf
D08 60 / 230 VPLMABA_08GT23UAX.stp VPLMABA_08GT23UAX.pdf
D08 120 / 460 VPLMABA_08GT24UAX.stp VPLMABA_08GT24UAX.pdf

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