May 28th, 2017

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     Kawasaki Precision Machinery Inc.
Kawasaki manufactures a wide variety of hydraulic products for the mobile, industrial, & marine industries.  Kawasaki's products include K3V & K3VL axial piston pumps, PV48 & RCV remote control valves, M5X swing motors, and STAFFA™ HMB & HMC high-torque motors for high performance & heavy duty applications.

Pumps, Motors & Remote Control Valves

Open Loop
Axial Piston Pumps


Closed Loop
Axial Piston Pump

High Torque Low Speed
Radial Piston Motors


Screw Pumps

Medium Torque & Speed
Axial Piston Motors

High Speed
Axial Piston Motors

Swing Drive
Axial Piston Motors

Travel Drive
Axial Piston Motors

Joystick Pilot Valves

Foot Controlled Pilot Valves

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