May 28th, 2017

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Hammer Valves
Priority Hammer Valves
Solenoid Operated Priority Flow Control Valves with Pressure Adjustments.

Priority Hammer Valves provide reliable priority flow for breakers, grapples, tampers, grinders, mowers, saws and much more!

Packages in this family suit multi-function accessories, wrist-a-twist, shears, de-limbers, etc.

Primarily used in the mobile industry, Hammer Valves are solenoid operated priority flow control valves with pressure adjustability in order to prioritize and/or add additional functions to heavy equipment.

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Standard Options 
Normally stocked items. Other options are available upon request.

Single Valve Series
Flow (GPM)
65 GPM
130 GPM

Dual Valve Series
Flow (GPM)
65 GPM
130 GPM


  • 5000PSI Continuous
  • Single & Dual Pump Inlets
  • Input to 65, 130 or 260GPM
  • Priority flow to 170GPM
  • Valve Actuation:
    :: Electric solenoid 12VDC, 24VDC, 110VAC, w/ manual override
    :: Proportional
    :: Hydraulic pilot
    :: Pneumatic pilot



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