May 28th, 2017

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DDPDX Valve Driver Control Box

The Lynch DDPDX Valve Driver Control Box is designed to control any model of the Lynch Digital Display Proportional Valve Driver family, providing a portable, handheld device for full control, testing and/or troubleshooting.


Features & Benefits

  • Portable, light compact device.
  • Simple & intuitive use.
  • Available as a two pot control box upon request.


    Applications Include

  • Main control device.

  • Testing and/or troubleshooting device.

Included Components

  • On/Off Switch
  • LED Supply Power Indicator
  • Single Turn Potentiometer
  • 24 VDC 3.0Amp Voltage Supply Adapter with 2.1mm Jack
  • 4 Pin Cable with attached DIN 43650 Form A Connector or flying leads.
  • Note: The cable length is cut to size as per customer requirements.
  • Optional European Voltage Supply Adapter, available upon request.


Part Numbers

  • LE 7056 PP-100 (1 Meter Cable with DIN Connector)

  • LE 7056 PG-100 (1 Meter Cable with Flying Leads)

Pin Connections/Wire Connections:

Instructions for all Lynch Valve Driver (DDPDX) model connections:


DDPDX Proportional Valve Drivers

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