May 28th, 2017

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Electronic Control Solutions for Mobile Hydraulics

HCT Products


      High Country Tek

      High Country Tek Inc. (HCT) is a provider of electronic control products for the Mobile Equipment Market. HCT has built a solid reputation by providing reliable, rugged, innovative and cost effective solutions to the hydraulics industry.

      They offer a broad spectrum of open loop and closed loop controllers for the hydraulic industry. Their products are rugged and hardened to handle the toughest of environments. These field and time tested products range from simple specialty valve controllers to fully programmable logic controllers.

      High Country Tek, Inc. provides modular, microprocessor-based software and ruggedized hardware for Mobile Equipment, used in construction, agriculture, mining, transportation and other industries.               

      HCT's unique, patented products provide improved precision and control of hydraulic systems, thereby enabling Mobile Equipment to perform tasks previously not achievable and/or at greater economy, safety and environmental compliance.

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The electronic controllers offered below gives the user the ability to tailor the application to their customers requirements and without specialized training while offering the industries most robust packaging.  These units are designated as "Application Specific" which means they offer a cost effective, flexible but focused dedicated solutions to a common issue, set-up, operation and getting your application from the drawing board to your customer in record time.

           Hydraulic Fan System Controller (HFS)
Hydraulic fan system controller, controls a hydraulically driven fan system. The HFS controller accepts three thermistor and two digital inputs and provides a PWM output to control the proportional valve of the fan drive.

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         Hydraulic Generator Controller (HGC)
Hydraulic generator controller is used to regulate the frequency output of an AC generator. By monitoring the output signal of a generator, the controller will drive a proportional valve's solenoid to reach and maintain the set-point frenquency. 

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            Programmable DVC Family
The DVC module family is user programmable with combinations of modules able to support a wide range of hydraulic control applications.

"DVC710 and "DVC7 are the master controllers and their flexible hardware and software allow them to run many hydraulic control applications as a single module. The master controllers are programmable using the HCT Programming Tools.

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