May 28th, 2017

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Become a Lynch Distributor Today!
Becoming a distributor for Lynch is easy and beneficial.
Questions about the products? Our hydraulic specialists will provide you with excellent product support.

Distributor Benefits
   1) Excellent Products & Enhanced Design
Clean and fully deburred manifolds ready for implementation into your application.

 2) Support

Engineering sales and marketing. Quick answers to your questions.<
   3) Customization
Standard products can be modified to fit other applications.
   4) ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100
All of our products and services meet these International Standards.
   5) Brand Recognition
The Lynch name is recognized in over 48 countries.
   6) Marketing Materials
Branded literature with your logo. Customers will return to you for product.
   7) Protective Packaging
All products are professionally packaged. Components are kept clean and safe during shipment.
   8) Clean Environment
Our facilities are air conditioned, dehumidified and ultra clean.

Click here to access the distributor application form.

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